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September 08, 2009

Tampa Tribune ripping off bloggers

Michael Hussey of Pushing Rope reports that the Tampa Tribune has been republishing bloggers' work, including some of his posts, without payment or attribution. Not cool.


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The Tampa Tribune relented to internet pressure and has agreed to pay blogger/freelance writer Tina Dupuy. Artist Dave Dugan has served the Tampa Tribune with a $400.00 invoice for using his comic strip.

On the one hand that sucks. On the other hand, I don't see bloggers clamoring to give money and credit to the reporters who's work they reprint on their blogs.

We're talking about lifting entire posts word-for-word without so much as a byline or a link to the source. I've never heard of a blogger stealing an entire newspapers story and trying to pass it off as their own work.

In general, bloggers give newspaper reporters a lot of credit by linking to reports. There are disputes about how much C&P is fair use, but in general bloggers could teach reporters a thing or two about attribution.

I'm getting media inquiries. Did an interview. This thing has gotten crazy.

Thanks for the link.

A letter to Janet Coats, Vice President of the Tampa Tribune, regarding the illegal use of my intellectual property.

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