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September 13, 2009

Teabagger wit: Robbin' for the Hood

Robbin for the Hood

Uploaded by flickr user bospopp1, distributed under Creative Commons.

Look at the production values on this sign. It wasn't made with magic marker during the pre-march sign-making party. There's money behind this one. 

This one didn't come from Freedomworks' sign making party either, but WTF?: "Hey Barry, show us your smallpox vaccination."


It doesn't have to be money. I know artists in Brooklyn who could make that, if they were Republicans.

Someone spent money to produce that sign. It's not just the graphic art it's the printing. That has a pro look to it.

No, even the production looks like something a Brooklyn artist could do. I know one who's made printing of similar quality, just in a smaller size. I've seen other prints of arguably higher quality in art shows and indie conventions, though, again, in a smaller size.

Eh except the size is what costs. Exponential costs (even beyond the simple increase in surface area, though that obviously increases ink and board costs).

It would be interesting to see where that got printed. Oh well.

That sign could have been done at home in photoshop and could be printed for around $60 tops at most large format places these days. Wingnuts will spend that much out of pocket and more to get incoherent slogans printed up - I've seen it at the shops I've worked at.

The "smallpox" thing is interesting because I'm a US citizen born to both parents US citizens at a base hospital in Europe, and I have vaccination marks, because everyone needed to be vaccinated arriving in the States then. (I don't know if it was a requirement coming from Hawai'i to the mainland in the Sixties, but I'll bet I can find out pretty soon.)

IOW, if they're going to start challenging citizenship based on the presence of smallpox vaccinations, they're going to be hitting a LOT of military brats... it's as whack as the circumcision thing.

Actually I recognize the picture. It's from the computer game "Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood." I've played it.

"If you look at Deviant Art, you'll see people do photo manipulations like that all the time" - my girlfriend.

I'm the "teabagger" that made the robbin for the hood poster. Unbelievable as it seems, I am a graphic artist that doesn't agree with the policies of our new messiah! But, sorry to disappoint you, but I wasn't paid to make the poster or travel to Washington to protest!

If you send me some verifiable info, like your real name and where you're from, I'll post a correction. I can't just take your word for it, but if I made a mistake, I'm happy to admit it. How much did you spend on printing? Did you pay what a regular consumer would pay if they wanted to put that kind of graphic on a sign?

My name is Marty and I'm from Cincinnati. I printed it on a large format inkjet (my own), so it only cost me my time.

I need a full name.

Yeah like I'm gonna give my full name so I can have a bunch of liberal nutjobs show up at my house! By the way, my poster has nothing to do with race, it just means that I don't want to give my hard earned money to a bunch of lazy welfare bums (black, white, red or green).

You are being kind of a pussy, though. I put my real name out there every day, and my home town (Brooklyn). What are you afraid of, freedomfighter?

I don't know Marty, but if you check political photomanipulation on DeviantArt, you'll see many works of similar quality.

Excuse me, but I know this guy and I can personally vouch for him. We me him and his son at the Cincinnati Tea party _and_ in Washington D.C.

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