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October 08, 2009

Does Chris Christie look fat in this?

NJ governor Jon Corzine's new ad insinuates that his Republican opponent Chris Christie abused his status as a US Attorney to get lenient treatment for two serious traffic infractions.

The ad sticks close to the facts: In 2005, Christie was pulled over for going 58 in a 40 zone. It turned out that the car's registration had lapsed and Christie couldn't produce proof of insurance. Remarkably, the cop let him drive home, despite New Jersey's strict policy of towing unregistered vehicles. The Lambertville police director initially claimed that Christie got loud during the traffic stop, but later reversed himself.

Christie denies that he pulled rank. He says he was allowed to drive home because his children, his wife, and his deputy were in the vehicle and he didn't want to leave them. Curiously, the tickets Christie received in connection with the incident were marked "no deal." This wasn't Christie's first brush with traffic laws, either. In 2002, he turned the wrong way down a one-way street and hit a motorcyclist. The cyclist ended up in a trauma center and Christie's rental car was totaled, but Christie walked away without a ticket.

The ad also alludes to Christie's failure to pay income tax on the interest from an unreported loan he made to a subordinate while he was a public prosecutor.

The takehome message is that Chris Christie has one set of rules for himself and another for everyone else. You can decide for yourself whether that argument is convincing, but the underlying allegations are true.

So, how does the Christie camp respond to the ad? By accusing Corzine of mocking his weight. Welcome to non seqitur hour in GOP-land.

The voiceover accuses Christie of "throwing his weight around." The ad uses some black and white video footage of Christie, which appears to have been shot before the candidate dropped 25 pounds.

So, new rule for Chris Christie: All pre-diet images of Chris Christie must be Photoshopped or destroyed. The entire pre-diet audiovisual record mocks Chris Christie by accurately depicting his physical appearance.


Christie should win. If Jerseyans let Corzine stay it will indicate sound judgment. And, as we all know, every instance that makes it harder to mock Jersey brings us closer to the apocalypse.

Don't be coy - "throwing his weight around" is an unmistakable reference to Christie's obesity. It could have been said several other ways. While the rest of the ad was factually on the mark, let's not pretend that Corzine's team wasn't getting extremely catty.

Who cares? I hope I'm not insulting skinny people when I say that Christie is acting like a whiny little punk. The ad nails him for three bizarre and ethically questionable incidents and all he can say is "waaaah they used footage of me as I looked when I did all that shit."

Wow, seems like you're really in it, doesn't it? It's a stupid low blow - they made a factually accurate ad, but then just couldn't help themselves to make an ever-so-funny pun about the fat guy. Classy. I'm not saying I wouldn't vote for Corzine, I just wish they'd stopped before they made themselves look like jerks. It's New Jersey politics, though, so I guess that's out of the question, right?

I don't know Lindsay, seems like you're out on your own on this one. "Stop whining while I sneak in slurs about you" is something I'd rather leave to the wingnuts. Lord knows they're the experts at it.

These commenters have got to be kidding. "Throwing your weight around" is a common expression used about self-entitled powerful people of any physical size. Only a Republican would suddenly ret-con it to mean an insult to their weight.

Besides, if Christie has lost weight, shouldn't he be proud of the before-and-after effect? Mike Huckabee sure is.

Besides, if Christie has lost weight, shouldn't he be proud of the before-and-after effect? Mike Huckabee sure is.

Some people are, some people aren't. I'm sure that there are also some widowers who don't mind talking about their wives' deaths in public. That doesn't make Sarah Palin's "Your wife is in heaven" crack from the VP debate any less vicious.

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