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October 28, 2009

Joe Lieberman and the opt-out revolution

Harry Reid promises a trigger-free public option and less than 24 hours later Joe Lieberman threatens to sabotage health reform by supporting a Republican filibuster. Is it just a negotiating ploy, or is he setting himself up to be the Reform Killer in the hopes of garnering GOP support for his reelection bid?


We should stop looking for 60 Senate votes, and pass the public option through reconciliation with 51 Senate votes.

I'd guess it's a negotiating ploy or something else is going on. I doubt he'll kill it, he's fairly liberal on domestic policy and Reid and Obama would do what they have to get a bill.

Technically speaking, he said he'd allow the bill to the floor - where there'd be debate and wheeling and dealing - but would vote against cloture on the final bill. But then after it's passed, the Senate bill needs to be reconciled with the House bill which has a trigger-free public option, if I'm understanding all of this correctly. It's just amazing things are farther along than they've ever been. I don't think anyone expected the Senate bill to have a trigger-free public option but it looks like it might.

The latter.

I shouldn't say how betrayed I feel about JL; he has betrayed the liberal wing of the Democratic Party so many times, and one can only hope this will catch up to him in his next re-election bid. Meanwhile, my best hope (what I really wanted was a single-payer provision) is that a decent public option provision will pass on a reconciliation vote.

"is he setting himself up to be the Reform Killer in the hopes of garnering GOP support for his reelection bid?"

This has been another edition of simple answers....

Joe Lieberman: can't stand not being relevant anymore.

A story in indicates that Lieberman's wife is rolling in Health Insurance Industry and pharmaceutical industry money:

Remember: follow the money. It's the simplest answer.

Why not try working for a living and buying your own health care vice trying to make me pay for the lame and lazy.

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