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November 19, 2009

My first Newsweek story: Senate May Thwart Stupak

My first Newsweek story, on the Stupak Amendment, the senate, and what's next in the fight over abortion access under health reform.


Congratulations on your first Newsweek story.

Congratulations ... great article! I admire your stamina (of course, what do you expect from an aging cephalopod).

Congratulations, Lindsay.

I didn't read the story yet, but the real story here is that you landed in Newsweek. Congratulations. Soon we'll all be saying we knew you when...

Whoop! Happy to see you in Newsweek! Congrats.


May you go from strength to strength.

It must be a popular story -- the page is taking forever to load!

Congrats, Lindsay!

Holy shit, our little Lindsay is all grown up!

Seriously, congratulations. Maybe your next story can appear in a news magazine.

Nice article and congratulations.

Congrats! I hope I can speak for others in saying we're all proud to say we were reading you before you hit the big time! Don't forget the little people!

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