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November 22, 2009

Obama picks Perino to exemplify a "free and professional press"

Obama nominated former Bush press secretary Dana Perino to the Broadcasting Board of Governors:

President Obama has nominated George W. Bush's former press secretary Dana Perino for a post on the board overseeing government-sponsored international broadcasting.

Perino, who worked in the Bush White House from 2005-2009, was appointed Wednesday to the Broadcasting Board of Governors, AFP reported. Her nomination must be confirmed by the Senate.

"I'm honored by the president's announcement and I'm looking forward to serving on the bipartisan board, if I'm confirmed," Perino said.

The BBG administers overseas media outlets like Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and Radio Free Asia. Created in 1994, the agency "works to serve as an example of a free and professional press," according to its Web site. It is funded by taxpayers and had a budget of $717.4 million in 2009. [Politics Daily]

I initially wondered why Obama was appointing Dana Perino to anything. Turns out, the BBG is legally required to be bipartisan.

(via Julia at Running Scared)


If his strategy was to make sure that the slot was filled by someone that no one would take seriously, it was a brilliant move.

This is the same Dana Perino who said on Fox last night that there were no terrorist attacks on the U.S. while Bush was president.

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