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November 30, 2009

Poppycock: Scherer's Desiree Rogers puff piece

I  don't know whether White House social secretary Desirée Rogers is to blame for the gate crashers at the White House dinner, nor do I particularly care.

This defense by Michael Scherer of TIME makes me want to gag, though:

There is an unwritten rule in Washington: If you want to last, don't stand out. Those who do—think Tom DeLay with his cigars, Jack Abramoff with his restaurant—tend to get clipped before too long. Some call it the “tall poppy syndrome,” probably owing to an anecdote, recorded by Aristotle, of Periander's advice to Thrasybulus: “Always put out of the way the citizens who overtop the rest.” I know of a lobbyist in town who talks about his “big-you, little-me” strategy for success. The smaller you make yourself, in other words, the more power you can acquire.

So we are left with a city of influential clerks, quiet, bland and bespectacled by breeding and training, riding the subway in ill-fitting suits, nicked shoes or the occasional short strands of pearls.  Lips flutter, hearts palpitate and breathless emails are exchanged whenever someone attempts to upset this careful order, which is, in a way, what has been happening since the arrival of Desirée Rogers, the glamourus (sic) Obama family confidant who holds the title of White House Social Secretary.

If Scherer wants to paint Rogers an innocent victim of Washington gossip, maybe he should liken her to people who were actually innocent. Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff didn't get run out of Washington because they were flashy. They went down for conspicuous crimes--but that's just another way of saying they were stupid criminals. 

To read the post, you'd think Rogers is being railroaded by the mean Washington establishment because she's such a Big Star. " Scherer is of the opinion that the beltway meanies have been gunning for Rogers from the outset. "But Rogers remained, in a more subdued way, a poppy above the pack, and her detractors did not go away so much as they positioned themselves for the next pounce," he writes. (Above the pack? Shouldn't that be above the patch?)

In fact, a pretty serious blunder happened on her watch. Maybe it wasn't her fault. Or maybe it was a forgivable rookie mistake. I'm sure the investigation will shed light on these issues.

Still, it's a bit much to get indignant when the White House Social Secretary takes some heat after a couple of two-bit reality TV wannabes crash the administration's first state dinner.


First, if you're going to pull a publicity stunt, it's best not to do it in the presence of fifty armed body guards.

Second, and this is the one that really disappoints me, when I went to yesterday, both this story and the bit about Tiger Woods' marital problems were more prominently featured than the shooting in Washington.

I'd say the best publicity stunts always take place in front of at least 50 bodyguards. That way, you know someone's paying attention.

The freakout over the party crashers is incredibly stupid. They weren't on the list, but they were physically screened like everyone else. The president wasn't in physical danger.

Basically, I see the Salahis as unwitting white hat hackers. They highlighted real security lapses. If their stupid stunt gets the Secret Service more resources, they'll have more than paid their debt to society. The Secret Service is stretched unusually thin right because Obama is getting so many threats.

I was annoyed that the party crashers and Tiger Woods got more ink than the Honduran election. I think the cop shootings got about the right amount of coverage, considering how little authorities knew at first. The shooting has made national headlines for more than a day.

There's only two people to blame for the crashing crap at The White House, Tareq and Michaela Salahi.
Leave Desiree Rogers alone. all of you tired ass, flat ass white women are just angry that Ms. Rogers has brought class, beauty, youth, fashion and a big beautiful round ass into The White House.
White women are the ones that are destroying America.

Dee Dee Myers, I thought, had a nice behind. So did Monica Lewisky. So beautiful round bottoms are nothing new to the White House.

Ms. Rogers is definitely to blame and she needs to issue a full apology. There are too many stars in the White House and she is more interested in posing for photos and attending fashion shows than doing her JOB. and it is a job not a social soiree.

See,this right here is a huge problem. Whether or not Mrs. Rogers was responsible or derelict in her duty has absolutely nothing whatever to do with her ass nor with the color of her skin.
Not to mention this piece is nota criticism of Mrs.Rogers, but of Michael Scherer. Read it again.

I have a dream that women will one day live in a world where they will not be judged by the contour of their callipygy, but by the content of their character.

"Leave Desiree Rogers alone. all of you tired ass, flat ass white women are just angry that Ms. Rogers has brought class, beauty, youth, fashion and a big beautiful round ass into The White House.
White women are the ones that are destroying America."

From that comment, is it safe to assume that Desiree Rogers has a huge posterior, similar to Michelle Obama's?

leave desiree alone. no matter how wrong white people are you always find blame on the black person. the couple was wrong to come to a party uninvited. period. just because they show up in sundays best clothing, is not a reason to ignore they were not on the guest list. they should be charged with any and everything possible. send out a clear message, just because you are white you do not have the right to enter. stop shifting blame on desiree. secret service share the blame with the big headed couple.

if this had been a black couple, they would have been doa. this couple has a history of party srashing. forget their money and lying they broke the law. maybe they have a friend at the gate. secret service

they don't care about obama's safety,they just love to make his administration look bad. every chance they get.i will say it again that couple was wrong to come anywhere near the whitehouse without the proper invite and proof. like everybody else had to prove that entered. they are not above the law and a clear message should be sent to anyone else who might try to ever make a stupid move like that.

The Lottery Gal, later the Gas Company Gal
then the Allstate Twitter Chick.

Now the Dear Abby of the White House.

Our Gal is 50 years old. Maybe Tiger wants an older woman?

Desiree Rogers photos

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