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November 21, 2009

Sick fucks lose: CafePress drops "Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8" merch

CafePress and Zazzle have wisely decided to drop user-designed merchandise bearing the slogan "Pray for Obama: Psalm 108:9"--perhaps because they've figured out that it's unseemly to do business with people laughing up their sleeve about killing the president under cover of Christian piety.


The possibility of Obama's assassination is no joke. There are lots of fruitcakes out there literally gunning for him.

Should the unthinkable happen, we will no doubt hear from the wingnut enablers how they had nothing to do with it and furthermore, how -using some of their signature contortionist logic- the liberals and socialists are at fault.

And of course the wingnuttery about the president being illegitimate, an oppressor etcetera has nothing to do with his skin color, nothing at all.

Oy vey. My Catholic, Christian siblings and nieces/nephews think this Psalm 108 crap is funny (I reject catholicism). It's sick and disgusting. I honestly don't know what to say to my wingnut relatives. I think I'll just spend Thanksgiving with my beautiful Jewish girlfriend and forgot about them while we have a good time. :-)

For private companies to drop these products is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

The possibility of any President being assassinated is no joke. It has happened enough times.

Funny, I am cursed with the ability to remember things, and I do remember hearing very similar nasty and threatening words about that oul debbil GW Bush.

They even made fun movies about the Bush assassination All in the name of " art " ( cough, cough ) not that anyone would have wished for that to happen.

I'm sure that there must have been many posts here protesting the Bush assassination movie. Or was it only a dream?

I'd never heard of the movie. Apparently it was a British mockumentary. It wasn't exactly a pop culture phenom.

The movie was no blockbuster ( what a surprise ) but it caused a lot of giggles in the Michael Moore / Bush is the Devil set.

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