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November 24, 2009

Win $1000: 3quarksdaily's Top Quark prize for political blogging

3qd politics prizeI'm very pleased to announce that 3quarksdaily is sponsoring a prize for political blogging.

Eligible posts must be about politics, written in English, and published after Nov 23, 2008.

The winner of the Top Quark award will receive a cash prize of $1000 and feedback on the winning entry from 3QD's celebrity judge, novelist and historian Tariq Ali.

3QD is accepting nominations from now until Nov 29. The winner will be announced on Dec 21. See 3quarks for more details, and to nominate your favorite post. You are encouraged to nominate your own work. Remember, though, only one nomination per person.

Please help spread the word about the contest by blogging, tweeting, or (if you want to be old school) just telling other people.


Do they have a clear definition of "Politics?" Does it have to be about a current issue of debate or can it be about some aspect of political history? What about economics, culture wars or the politics of other nations?

All that having been asked, I should really just go read the rules.

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