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December 22, 2009

Dispatch from the war on Christmas: Dogtivity

I wonder who was offended by the dogtivity scene in the window of this Carroll Gardens pet supply store. Judging by the neighborhood, I'm guessing it was either a Christian or a cat person. I doubt a secularist killjoy was responsible. Carroll Gardens has plenty of human/barnyard/camel nativity scenes and nobody seems to mind.


There are many older Catholics in CG, as you know. Do you really not see how someone might take offense by dogs portraying religious figures? (I think it's a cute idea. But that doesn't really matter.)

Had to be a cat person. Definition of purrgatory: Another day with humans.

Nah. The three king dogs finally showed up and they all went off to play some poker and smoke a few stogies.

I'm offended by the quotation marks.

The only thing offensive about that is that some of the dogs look more like bears.

Nativity scenes are a form of idolatry. Of course they are offensive.

That is really sad that a DogTivity scene would be considered offensive.

I would hope that Jesus can forgive the owner of the shop for this serious transgression.

More lame than offensive

I couldn't care less about the dog nativity but I'm kind of impressed at the ingenuity of hanging the sign with a suction cup and a clip-hanger.


I would say that whoever coined "dogtivity" had an ear for the impious, and since it was bound to offend someone simply because of the meanings of the terms so impishly portmanteau'd, they'd insist, as an article of faith, that it be excised as a substitute for excising the impious ear -- but wouldn't that be too dogmas-of-imp-ear-excision?

As for who the offended killjoys were: pardon my diction, but the facts of the case might lead us to suspect certain

Dog is God spelled backwards, so what's the fuss?

Cat people would have used humans worshiping a kitten in the cradle - cats would have screamed BLASPHEMY!!! (Unless, of course, that cat was in the cradle).

As my cat keeps telling me: "I am the Lord thy Cat - thou shalt not have false cats before me." The cat then starts singing: "Bow down before the cat you serve - cats always get what they deserve..."

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