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December 12, 2009

Tea Party protesters demand Rep. Perriello move his office for their picketing convenience

Tea Party protesters are demanding that liberal Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va) move his office for their picketing convenience.

In fairness to the vanguard of America's second revolution, there isn't enough parking and taking the bus would be socialism.

Jason Linkins has the story, via Think Progress.


Another shocking example of the brutal oppression being waged upon the American People by the communist/obamanist Democrat islamonazis.

Give me parking or give me death!

The Republicans love road socialism, as long as buses don't cramp their style.

I swear this was how the roman empire fell. The plebs were too pampered and had too much circuses and didn't feel like fighting the barbarian anymore.

When this was the independence war. I swear the tea parties couldn't find any horse they can mount without toppling over.

Dear Rep Perillo, whatever. I set my alarm for 11 and handpainted my sign but found your office was too far from convenient parking. I am submitting a bill to the house that you get a swanky new office in a hot downtown DC location, maybe corner with a view, so I can show you how much Republican needless extravagance can really help the few privilaged, the founding principle of this country. We were tired of a king ruling the rich and privileged so we took our slaves and exploited workforce and broke with tradition. It is time for you to join our ranks and enjoy not having to walk anywhere. You're a congressman, for god's sake! Milk it! This is America, not some Socialist country currently enjoying a drastically higher standard of living then the US. That right in this country is reserved for the masses-duping rich folks. Where is your sense of Americanism? Stuck in some 'save the planet' issues when things like Jon and Kate need our nation's undivided media attention? For shame!

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