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January 26, 2010

Is this the same Stan Dai arrested for trying to bug Mary Landrieu's office?

Stan Dai is one of the four men arrested with a failed attempt to bug Sen. Mary Landrieu's office.

I did some research. Ten bucks says this is the little (would-be) bugger:

STAN DAI, Lisle, Ill., attends The George Washington University majoring in Political Science. He is editor-in-chief of The GW Patriot, an alternative conservative student newspaper, a Club 100 Activist of Young America’s Foundation, and an Undergraduate Fellow on Terrorism of the Foundation for the Defense of the Democracies. He is co-founder of GW’s Students Defending Democracy, a volunteer on several political campaigns, and active in the GW College Republicans and GW Colonials for Life. He was a 2003 Honorable Mention in the U.S. Institute of Peace Essay Contest.

One Stan Dai was listed as the Assistant Director of the The Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence (ICCAE) at Trinity (Washington) University. The ICCAE says it prepares young people for careers in intelligence.

(Original reporting, please credit Lindsay Beyerstein.)

Update: Welcome, Politico readers. Many thanks to Laura Rozen for the link.

Stan Dai spoke about torture and terrorism last June at a "CIA day" organized by the Junior Statesmen Summer School at Georgetown. The program included a field trip to the CIA and lectures at Georgetown the next day, according this event program I found online. As we know, Dai served as the assistant director of a program dedicated to steering young people into careers in intelligence.

Get this: according to the flier, Adam Brandon, the press secretary of FreedomWorks (Dick Armey's town hall mob outfit) was on the same program. David Mark of POLITICO also spoke at the event. Update: Mark says he didn't know about the CIA component of the event when he was invited to speak. A Chinese human rights activist and an official from the NAACP also spoke that day. Mark stressed that he didn't meet Dai at the Georgetown event and had no idea who Dai was until he read about his arrest.

Some highlights from Stan Dai's bio:

B. Career History• Mr. Dai has been involved in JSA since 2001: after attending summer school at Yale, he founded the JSA chapter at Naperville North, served in various Midwest region positions, and was a resident assistant at Georgetown.

• Mr. Dai was the first Assistant Director of the Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence at Trinity in D.C.
• Prior to that, he served as the Operations Officer of a Department of Defense irregular warfare fellowship program.

• Mr. Dai graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the George Washington University. He was the editor-in-chief of The GW Patriot, an alternative conservative student newspaper, a Club 100 Activist of Young America’s Foundation, and an Undergraduate Fellow on Terrorism of the Foundation for the Defense of the Democracies.

In college, Stan Dai co-wrote a satirical work entitled The Penis Monologues, apparently a takeoff on the Vagina Monologues. Here's a taste:

My Angry Penis

MY PENIS IS ANGRY!!!!!!! You want to know what happened to my penis? Joan happened to my penis! There I was, sleeping peacefully when Joan stormed in and dragged me out for “an educational program.” I thought was going to see Mr. Rogers! But nooooooo! It turned out to be the “Whine-gina Monologues!”

From angry penises to irregular warfare. Quite the trajectory. Would you be surprised to learn that a guy like this got arrested for helping his buddies dress up like telephone repairmen/Village People and trying to bug a senator's office? I wouldn't.


Of what use is a movie of those guys pretending to be repairmen, when the point was to bug the phones?

I'm confused as to how calling someone a little bugger is racist? Especially if he bugged a Senator's office. It's just a pun.

I've submitted a polite inquiry to the GW Patriot about their (potentially) famous alumnus.

Well Lindsay, when you called *Flanagan* a little bugger, clearly that was racist against Irish-Americans because it implies that Flanagan is a leprechaun.

Stop lying. Nobody "bugged" or "wiretapped" anything, or is accused or charged with doing so.

Have you bothered to read the FBI affidavit?

Um, CTD, the affidavit says that they were charged with entering a federal building under false pretenses for the purpose of interfering with the telephone. They admitted to doing so! They claimed they needed to "work" on the main telephone cabinet for the building. What do you suppose they wanted to do? How does your theory square with the fact that Dai was arrested in a car a few blocks from Landrieu's office with listening/transmitting equipment.

Stop flailing and attacking me personally. The truth hurts. Don't lash out. It's unattractive.

btw, i went to high school with stan, and that is definitely him

Good one!


Regarding the news networks covering the story, it looks like they're at least starting to now.

I saw on one on-line news story that a place called the "Commonwealth Club of San Francisco" is hosting Undercover Journalist James O'Keefe on February 1st. It's still listed on their upcoming events on their website:

Bet you anything it will be deleted in the morning. Bwwaaahhhaaa. What a bunch of idiotic tea baggin' buggers.

"If they were innocent, they wouldn't be suspects."

i was not aware that "bugger" has a racist connotation. let's focus on the important stuff, and not L's choice of terms.

oh, and this is why our efforts in afghanistan, iraq, yemen, etc. will fail. people like this guy, pure ideologues and failed, um, buggers =/= great intelligence agents. unless and until we return to professionals staffing most of our intel agencies, we'll continue to have No Clue about how to win and wage wars, let alone 'save the village.'

in the rest of the world, stories like these are why american "intelligence" is a joke. a sad, pathetic joke that is actually mostly about being a boondoggle for contractors and cronies. but i guess most of you already know that.

This Dai fellow has thought of himself as some sort of super secret intelligence operative for years, and the explanation of the incident as an investigation of busy phones makes no sense.
Does anyone remember how ridiculous and low-level the Watergate burglars were, and how stupid the whole thing appeared to be at first?
I'm just sayin...

Yep, that's him I went to high school with him. It is crazy to see his face in the newspapers...I can't say I'm surprised about it. Dirty trick...

Chicago Dyke: the bone of contention was "little," not "bugger." A few people here thought it might be racist. I personally was on the fence. I asked my girlfriend, who's Chinese-American; for her take, see the dialogue in my previous comment.

Fortunately, Dai isn't actually involved in intelligence - he just pretends to. The CIA, NSA, and other acronyms are incompetent, but they're not that incompetent.

I wonder if this is the reason George Bush Sr. went to visit Obama at the Whitehouse. Get their stories straight. Or, make sure the current houseboy dances to Georges favorite tune. As Bush left the Whitehouse, reporters asked Bush about the meeting. Bush said that it was very "productive".

Apparently Obama didn't "choke on a pretzel" while Bush Sr. was visiting. I haven't noticed any recent bruises or black eyes on Obama. Apparently he knows how to dance.

Lindsey, this comment thread has gone berserk!

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