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January 06, 2010

Weekly Pulse: Dorgan and Dodd To Retire

Yesterday, two Democratic senators unexpectedly announced that they would not seek reelection in 2010: Byron Dorgan of North Dakota and Chris Dodd of Connecticut.  As I wrote in the Weekly Pulse this morning, the two announcements probably cancel each other out in terms of Democratic senate seats.

Dorgan's seat is probably an easy pickup for the GOP. As a 30-year incumbent, Dorgan was probably the only Democrat who could win a Senate race in deep red North Dakota. Whereas, Chris Dodd's resignation greatly increases that chances that Democrats will hang on to a senate seat in heavily Democratic Connecticut. Dodd is personally unpopular for his role in the financial crisis, so getting him out of the way is a boon to Democrats.

TPMDC has brand new figures from Public Policy Polling:

Dodd and Blumenthal were each tested against the three Republican candidates: Former Rep. Rob Simmons, former Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon, and financial analyst and Ron Paul activist Peter Schiff. Dodd trailed Simmons by 44%-40%, was tied 43%-43% with McMahon, and led Schiff by 44%-37%. By contrast, Blumenthal leads Simmons by 59%-28%, is ahead of McMahon by 60%-28%, and leads Schiff by 63%-23%.

The added silver lining in Connecticut is that Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has announced that he will run for the seat as a Democrat. Blumenthal is a crusader for reproductive rights. He led a coalition of states to sue the Bush administration for expanded "conscience clause" rules that would have allowed HHS employees to deny care that violated their religious mores. He also successfully sued the federal government to enforce the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act in the late nineties.


The 2010 Senate situation in CT reminds me of the 2006 Senate situation in MN.

Senator Mark Dayton (D-MN) didn't seek re-election in 2006. Another Democrat, Amy Klobuchar, won by a wide margin.

Gadzooks, Lindsay, did you really write this Daily Kos diary?

If you did, you're getting quite a lot of grief for not knowing the difference between "resign" and "retire."

I know the difference. I can't believe my editor and I both missed the mistake in the headline. In any event it's fixed now.

The diary gets reposted to various sites including DKos. I noticed the mistake and fixed it on the MC website and my own blog right away. Unfortunately, it had already been sent out to the various diary sites with the erroneous headline. They're fixing it now.

Don't worry. The St Pete Times makes MAJOR mistakes like that every day. This is a word. A biggie but NOT THAT BIG. Wow. (people have grown accustomed to perfect from you, how awesome is that) AND your commentary on these alleged 'losses' is flawless. I still think it's a shame that somehow in the BUsh years we came to be blue (dems) and the GOP became red. Red is the traditional color of the dem party as it represents 'the worker'. It's sad to lose a seat in N Dak if we do but from friends there I know they felt as hopeless as we in florida. And despite our faux dem party we're still working on turning it around with some success. So, don't lose hope, North Dakota !! It's also an opportunity for a popular person to step up out of nowhere and claim the prize. Hopefully, Oprah doesn't already have a plant ready. LOL. I don't have time to research it but hopefully those in NDAK have a plan..

our faux dem party

Which unfortunately is all we've got. So yeah, lovely- now between resignations and Sen. Lieberman we're losing the senate and I've got to cough up yet more $$$ to send to the Dems in a probably futile effort to help them hold on to their tiny senate margin. Swell.

Now I'm making the same mistake. Retirements, not resignations. Amounts to the same thing though. We lose a senate seat. The question is will the next GOP senator from N. Dakota be a standard issue knee-jerk reactionary Republican or one of the exciting new full-retard teabaggers.

At least Connecticut is now a probable hold for the Democrats.

"Dorgan was probably the only Democrat who could win a Senate race in deep red North Dakota."

Okay North Dakota is a conservative state. But currently the entire congressional delegation (Byron Dorgan, Kent Conrad and Earl Pomeroy) is held by Democrats.

And they all run statewide.

Will the corporatists that replace them be wearing red or blue? And what shades of red or blue will these corporatists wear? Oh the mystery deepens...

Do we dare dream that a non-corporatist can win one of these seats?

I'd buy the dig at corporatists a lot more if the Kill Bill people weren't talking about primarying Bernie Sanders. What next - a conservative community that complains that Sarah Palin is too liberal?

OMG... lieberman experiencing trouble. Another 'dem loss'. LOL !!
Also ... is O throwing Reid under the bus??? Wow. Teeth are coming out. Can't say that I mind. He's a grade-c actor (reid)

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