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February 18, 2010

Governor Paterson, you have piqued my interest

Today, the Times published what is arguably the best quote ever from a New York governor:

“This latest kind of bashing of me is a depiction of me in what is, in my opinion, a racialized, hypersexualized and more or less dissolute context,” [Gov. David Paterson] said, adding, “I resent this sort of, in my opinion, and I’ll be frank with you, kind of profiled way that it appears that all I’m doing is drinking, chasing women, doing drugs.” [NYT] 

Okay, Governor, what else?


The bizarre aspect of all this is the way out-of-staters seem to think he's getting a bad rap on all of this. Just about everyone in the state of NY hates this guy. He tried to raise taxes on juice in the middle of a recession so he wouldn't have to raise taxes on his wealthy pals. EVERYONE knows he's screwing around and getting drunk all the time. Yet people who aren't from this state seem to think they know better, and that the NYT is full of shit. Well, they didn't get the goods but they didn't really have to. Really, what the hell has he been doing when nobody in the statehouse can find him and his aids are stuck making things up to excuse his absence.

It's like we've got Gaius Baltar, Mark Sanford and George W. Bush all rolled up in one guy that happens to be running the state of NY and every Dem not in the state of NY thinks this is fine and dandy.

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