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February 23, 2010

Hivemind: Help me name my new Big Think blog

I'm very excited to announce that I will be moving to my new blog home at Big Think on March 1.

The new blog will be like Majikthise, just on a new site, and a new name. Starting next month the Majikthise URL will redirect automatically to Big Think.

Now, all we need is a new name for the blog. Suggestions? I need to let them know by Friday afternoon. 

Examples of other Big Think blog names include: Brave Green World (Tobin Hack); Think, See, Feel (Lea Carpenter); Novel Copy (Orion Jones); Picture This (Bob Duggan); and Mind Matters (David Berreby).


How about staying with the Douglas Adams references? There's lots of names to mine there. Frankiemouse or benjymouse. I do not recall which one delivered my favorite line in the book (I paraphrase: There comes a point when one starts to suspect the the whole entirety of the universe is most certainly run by a bunch of maniacs. Now we have a choice of either spending another 7 and a half million years finding that out - or taking the money and running. Well I, for one, could use the exercise!).

You could also capture the reincarnation aspect of your transition with the name Agrajag (the being repeatedly killed by Arthur Dent and reincarnated over and over).

But then why ditch the name Majikthise? Phil Plait kept the name Bad Astronomy after migrating his blog to discover. Just a thought.

It's a shame but too few would get the reference to "The Sneer," and "Analytic Philosophy and Investigations Served Here" is too scarey-making.

So, since you've pretty much achieved first-name recognition in the lefty blogosphere, why not just keep it simple and go with "Lindsay's Place"?

Will the blog be done by you or by multiple authors?

The Big Think has several bloggers, but they each have their own blogs. I'll be the only one writing for my blog.

DJA suggested another Douglas Adams reference. "The Salmon of Doubt" (It's the title of the novel Adams was working on when he died. The Salmon of Doubt is a riff off the Celtic legend of the Salmon of Knowledge.)

I think "The Salmon of Doubt" is the best one so far. "Focal Point" is my #2 choice. I always think of this as "The Best Damn Blog I've Read Today", but that's probably too long.

"Beyerstorm" is good because it connects to your name (which handy for professional advancement reasons), but it evokes rather more chaos than your writing style delivers (a good thing, IMO).

If you want to use TV appearances for blog promotion the name should be spelled the way it sounds unless it is composed of really common words: No "A Ghoti called Lindsay" for example.

Not all that helpful, but if I'm possessed by the muse of blog-naming I'll stop by again.

I have been authorized by my wife to suggest the handle that she thought of for me (I decided to use a different one). "Minimum Wage Intellectual." I like it because it has self deprecating edge and vaguely working-class feel. So there you have it. That having been said, "The Salmon of Doubt" is still an excellent option.

And...and...? The suspense is killing me! What's it gonna be?

I like "Don't Panic" and "Mixed Media". Best I can do is a chem joke, Beyerstein's Handbook.

""The Salmon of Doubt"?

I'd think "The Salmon of Inquiry." As Peirce, the arch-fallibilist himself, noted, you can't doubt everything "as if doubting were as easy as lying."

But today's the day, isn't it? I can't wait to find out.

How about "Trillian's Guide"?

The answer as always is:


If Big Think ever sends Lindsay to Central Asia, she could start a separate photoblog called "Tajikthise".

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