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October 07, 2005

Friday Random 10

1. Johnny Cash, I've Got a Thing About Trains

2. Richard Thompson, Grey Walls

3. Woody Guthrie, House of the Rising Sun

4. Sonny Boy Williamson, One Way Out

5. Ewan MacColl, Sheath and Knife

6. Robert Johnson, Last Fair Deal Gone Down

7. Metallica, Damage, Inc.

8. The Magnetic Fields, Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side

9. Dusty Springfield, Breakfast In Bed

10.Calexico, The Black Light

October 03, 2005

Stan Rogers-blogging: Lock Keeper

It's request week, and ST requests some Stan Rogers blogging! I wasn't expecting that one. I should ask readers what they want more often.

I don't have too much to say about Lock Keeper, but I do have a story about that song.

My fourth grade teacher, Mr. Salter assigned us a Valentine's day project. Our task was to ask three people about their favorite love songs. Being a keener, I asked a lot more than three people, but I can't remember what anybody said except my dad.

Dad said that Stan Rogers' Lock Keeper was his favorite. I think Gordon Lightfoot's Windowpane and Ian Tyson's Navajo Rug also made the list. Those two made sense, even to my fourth-grade mind. But I couldn't really figure out what Dad saw in Lock Keeper. I thought it was a pretty song, but I didn't really get the appeal, especially not as a love song. It just sounded kind of depressing to me.

A couple years later, Eric Bogle re-recorded the song on When The Wind Blows. I started to relate to it a little more.

Still, I didn't really get Lock Keeper until recently. To make a long story short, this post's for also Thad (even though he has a deep and abiding suspicion of music with lyrics).

Emcee MDs

According to a recent study, anesthesiologists are taking on one more critical responsibility in the OR--choosing the music:

In many hospitals, the task of selecting OR music often falls to the anesthesiologist -- and it's one many take seriously. Some say amassing impressive music collections is even an effective marketing tool -- a way an anesthesiologist can ensure being picked when a surgical team is being chosen.

"Sometimes surgeons will say, 'I won't work with that anesthesiologist because he's a fuddy-duddy and I don't like the kind of music he plays,'" said Dr. Doug Reinhart, an anesthesiologist in Ogden, Utah.

Reinhart surveyed 301 American Society of Anesthesiology members and found that providing operating music was among non-medical tasks many performed. Anesthesiologists in private practice and those under 50 were most likely to serve as the operating-room DJs. [AP]

September 30, 2005

Darcy James Argue's Secret Society

Thad has a brand new blog!

Visit Darcy James Argue's Secret Society for Thad tracks, Thad pics, and upcoming Thad gigs.

Friday Random 10

Rhode Island is Famous for You, Blossom Dearie

Like Butter Loves Bread, Si Khan

Rehearsals for Retirement, Phil Ochs

Maiden Voyage, Herbie Hancock

The Baby is Mine, Johnny Cash

Can't Take My Eyes Off You, Frank Sinatra

Thirsty Boots, Eric Anderson

Yes, I Guess They Oughtta Name a Drink After You, John Prine

Freddie Freeloader, Miles Davis

Needle Time, Elvis Costello

September 23, 2005

Friday Random 10

1. Little Queen of Spades, Robert Johnson
2. Abeizer Coppe, Leon Rosselson
3. High 5, Beck
4. Vilia, John Coltrane
5. Practice Makes Perfect, Billie Holiday
6. Outside of the Inside, Richard Thompson
7. Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash
8. Macdonnell on the Heights, Stan Rogers
9. I Think She Likes Me, Morphine
10. Everybody's Talking, Glenn Campell

September 12, 2005

PMK for Katrina

Posted by Thad


For those of you in NYC, the Continental's world-famous punk/metal karaoke will be raising money for the Red Cross tonight.

- Thad

September 09, 2005

Basin Street Blues

Posted by Thad

Amanda has a post about the New Orleans musical diaspora -- logically enough, many are ending up in Austin, which is holding a spate of musical benefits.

All About Jazz has information about musical relief efforts here New York and around the country.

- Thad

Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose

Posted by Thad

Boy, I'm sure glad the DoD is going ahead with that Freedom Walk this Sunday.

Oh, sorry, I guess that was the wrong link. I must have gotten confused there for a moment. My bad.

This is the official Freedom Walk site. Should be fun for the whole family. They're even handing out party favors for the party faithful.

As always, The Rude Pundit strikes the appropriate tone.

- Thad

September 08, 2005

On Location

Posted by Thad

I just heard from Lindsay -- after spending last night in Baton Rouge, she is currently driving down Highway 10 in New Orleans with Bob Brigham of Operation Flashlight and AMERICAblog correspondent Kyle Shank.

Incidentally, Lindsay mentioned that they happened to drive by the American Federation of Musicians Local 174-496 building, which is still standing. The union is currently accepting donations to assist all the New Orleans musicians who have been injured, become ill, or been displaced, and could really use your help.

- Thad